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Child Lives Matter

Child Lives Matter

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What can you do to help end human trafficking?
Stay Informed; Visit sites and support Groups trying to Help with Anti-Trafficking; Know the signs of Trafficking; Use Your Voice; Don't Be Afraid to Report anything suspicious; Donate to causes fighting this.
 ALL proceeds will be donated to the OurRescue, Save The Chidren, and Rise UP Campaigns to help bring a voice and end to modern day child slavery through trafficking.
{Child Lives Matter}
Now this tee all has symbolic meaning. The heart in the middle is us, as citizens trying to give of our hearts, souls, and minds to help. The 5 dots around the heart symbolize the 1 in 5 children that will be sexually solicited in the US before they turn 18. The 30 hearts/dots on the second tier of the rainbow is to remind us that every 30 seconds a child is stolen for either sex, organ harvesting, or slave labor. And lastly yes CHILD LIVES MATTER. The gold symbolizes the worth of all children and the deep turquoise blue/green symbolizes the deep healing power of God over these children.
Sizes Small - 2xl - Unisex Tee - Leave size and email below! Free shipping on any orders with 2 or more tees!
Thank you and let's all do our part and become more educated on a matter that has been silenced.


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