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We Grew Up Different

We Grew Up Different

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So this tee is inspired by this writing:

By: Delcy Graham We just grew up differently. I say this every time when I see something new on social media that has offended this generation. When you grow up on a ranch, you’re exposed to a lot of things at a young age. You see first hand what it’s like to bring new life into the world and you’ve also seen what it’s like when that life doesn’t make it in this world. It makes you grow up fast. But it also makes you understand that not everything is rainbows and butterflies. Life isn’t always fair, life is tough, and ultimately God always has the upper hand. Our parents didn’t sugarcoat anything for us. There was no protecting from sensitive content. We saw it all. We just grew up differently and I’m glad we did. We don’t fit in with this generation. There’s still some of us that know life’s not fair and you don’t always get your way. If you’ve lost faith in this generation, find an AG kid because we just grew up differently. Thanks mom and dad for this lifestyle.


S-2xl - Unisex Blend Tee


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